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Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface, otherwise known as artificial stone, granite or marble, is a mixture of natural minerals and acrylic reinforced with special technology. This material is increasingly valued and used in a variety of interior areas due to its extremely high quality and wide range of applications. Nowadays, solid surface countertops have become an integral part of modern homes.

Excellent manufacturing technology and durability properties gave the solid surfaces the name of the interior material of the future. It is believed that in the very near future, furniture, countertops or interior details made of solid surface mass will be in every home, because no alternative to this synthetic material, which has the properties of natural stone but is superior to natural stone, has been invented so far. Solid surface is produced all over the world, but the most experienced in this field are US and South Korean manufacturers.

The most famous and trusted brands are Corian, LG Hi-Macs, Samsung Staron.

Why Choose Solid Surface Countertops?

It is very important for us that each customer understands the benefits of a solid surface countertop and makes the most appropriate decision. That's why we answer the most frequently asked questions:

Natural or artificial stone countertops?

Artificial stone (solid surface) is compared to natural stone, but has advantages in creating a silky, smooth surface that is more pleasant to the touch. Artificial stone countertops take over the ambient temperature, so they look warm and do not cause chatter sounds. Compared to natural stone countertops, solid surfaces look lighter, more aesthetic and more modern, and are also much more practical to use.

What color to choose for your solid surface countertop?

We offer to unleash your creativity and choose from more than 100 colors from Hi-macs and Corian manufacturers. You can choose one color or experiment with eye-catching different colors. Our artificial stone countertops can also be used as inserts, accents or as a universal accessory to other materials such as metal, wood, stone, glass, etc.

Do you accept individual orders?

Yes. Solid surface can be shaped just the way you want, so we can create a product of any size or shape. Even products of exclusive shape will be seamless without any joints or gaps.

How to care for a solid surface countertop?

Solid surface is not porous, so it is much easier to maintain compared to natural stone. The surface is smooth and therefore does not absorb dyes and odors, which makes operation and maintenance particularly easy.

Solid surface countertops are not harmful?

Solid surface countertops are free of heavy metals and halogens as it is an organic product of mineral origin. Because the countertops are made of natural materials, they are extremely widely used in medical institutions and the food industry.

Are solid surface countertops waterproof?

Yes. Our table tops do not absorb moisture, are water-resistant and chemically resistant to all household solvents, acids and detergents.

Are solid surfaces fireproof?

Yes. Solid surface countertops are resistant to heat, cold and UV rays. It can be used in places with higher fire safety requirements.

Can a solid surface countertop be renewed?

Even after many years of use, the surfaces can be renewed, restoring their original appearance and beauty. Products made of solid surface are durable and practically impossible to wear.

Solid Surface Countertops
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